The Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum provides a variety of school and teacher programs that address national and state curriculum standards in language arts, math, music, science, social studies, and visual art. Interactive programs, workshops, lesson guides, online resources, and guided and self guided tours are offered to students and teachers, grades K-12.  Words & Music, the museum's cornerstone school program, gives students an opportunity to write song lyrics collaboratively with local professional songwriters.

Family Tradition Exhibit Family Guide


The museum is a wonderful place for families to discover and learn more about country music. Use the following tips and questions to make your visit a success.





Exhibit Conversation

Discuss these questions with your child:

1.  What is your favorite object, costume, or musical instrument in the exhibits?

2.  What songs made you tap your feet?

3.  What did you learn about country music that you didn't know before your visit?

Make Your Museum Visit a Success

  • Talk with your child about what to expect from a visit to a museum. Museums are great places for discovery. There are many things to see in the museum, but don't overwhelm your child by trying to see everything.
  • Use a pencil and a sketchpad to record the fun and interesting things you see and hear.
  • Pick up a visitors guide at the information desk. It includes a map of the museum and the exhibits. Note that restrooms are located on the east side of the building on every floor.
  • Look for the special areas of the museum for families. Listening stations, a hands-on kid activity, and a children's interactive computer program are located on the third floor.
  • Go over the museum rules:

1.  Walk, never run, through the museum.

2.  Flash photography, food, and drink are not allowed in the galleries, in order to protect the artifacts and exhibit materials. We want them to last a long time.

3.  Families should always stay together when visiting the museum. It is helpful to have a meeting place in case you do get separated.

4.  If you have questions, please ask a visitor services representative. They are stationed on each floor.



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