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Name Date Call Number
Maybelle Carter & Pop Stoneman1968 February 01OH298
Carlene Carter1992 February 18OH217
Maybelle Carter1968 February 01OH297
Floy Case1981 December 29OH302
Claude Casey1982 November 21OHC53
Claude Casey1982 November 22OHC54
Claude Casey1983 October 04OHC55
Lightnin' Chance1975 February 25OH31
Lightnin' Chance1975 March 04OH32
Hugh Cherry1996 February 28OHC57
Hugh Cherry1996 February 29OHC58
Clyde "Barefoot" Chesser1987 July 24OHC337
Stephen Cisler1984 February 20OHC59
Stephen Cisler1984 February 21OHC60
Old Joe Clark1985 December 03OHC61
Old Joe Clark1985 December 05OHC62
Jack "Cowboy" Clement1977OH515
Jack "Cowboy" Clement1978 May 13OH517
Jack "Cowboy" Clement1976 August 25OH516
Zeke Clements1975 March 14OH33
David Cobb1983 August 18OHC63
David Cobb1983 August 29OHC64
David Cobb1983 October 10OHC65
Hank Cochran1991 July 03OHC66
Paul Cohen Jr.1983 February 09OHC67
Biff Collie1982 October 26OHC68
Biff Collie1974 October 30OH34
Biff Collie1976 April 07OH36
Bill Collins1990 September 05OHC72
Bill Collins1990 November 28OHC73
Bill Collins1990 December 20OHC74
Charlie Collins1974 November 20OH37
Jay Collins1987 December 31OHC339
Velma Cook1983 February 28OHC75
Stoney Cooper and Wilma Lee Cooper1968 January 02OH306
Stoney Cooper and Wilma Lee Cooper1973 December 03OH518
Cox Family1995 July 25OHC340
Herman Crook1986 June 20OHC76
Herman Crook1974 April 22OH38
Charles Crutchfield1982 September 07OHC78
Charles Crutchfield1982 November 23OHC77
Ted Daffan1968 January 31OH307
Luderin Darbone1999 December 03OHC79
Don Davis1983 August 05OHC84
Oscar Davis1974 November 14OH49
Art Davis1976 February 26OH39
Danny Davis1995 November 28OHC80
Don Davis1983 January 18 OHC81
Don Davis1983 January 28OHC82
Don Davis1983 February 02OHC83
Jimmie Davis1976 July 08OH40
Jimmie Davis1983 October 10OHC85
Karl Davis1974 June 09OH42
Karl Davis1974 June 08OH41
Oscar Davis1974 July 24OH45
Oscar Davis1974 July 25OH46
Oscar Davis1974 September 25OH47
Oscar Davis1974 October 23OH48
Eddie Dean1974 July 31OH51
Eddie Dean1974 August 02OH52
Eddie Dean1974 June 26OH50
Billy Deaton2000 December 05OHC396
Ott Devine1986 September 11OHC86
Jack DeWitt1986 July 08OHC87
Jack DeWitt1986 July 22OHC88
Charlie Dick1991 June 28OHC89
Danny Dill1975 November 20OH53
Big Al Downing1996 February 27OHC90
Pete Drake1973 March 08OH519
Joe Drumwright1994 March 16OHC343
Roy Drusky1991 June 17OHC91
Duke of Paducah1975 January 22OH56
Duke of Paducah1984 July 11OHC108
Duke of Paducah1984 July 13OHC109
Duke of Paducah1984 July 19OHC111
Duke of Paducah1984 July 20OHC112
Duke of Paducah1984 July 25OHC113
Duke of Paducah1984 July 27OHC114
Duke of Paducah1984 July 31OHC115
Duke of Paducah1984 August 01OHC116
Duke of Paducah1984 July 18OHC110
Len Ellis1995 March 04OHC344
Ralph Emery1991 May 28OHC92
Margaret Everly1990 January 22OHC93
Margaret Everly1990 January 26OHC95
Margaret Everly1990 January 31OHC94
Margaret Everly1990 February 23OHC96
Margaret Everly1990 March 09OHC97
Terry Fell1975 December 12OH54
Lester Flattca. 1970OH419
Tommy Flint1987 September 24OHC346
Patty Flye1986 June 27OHC107
Jim Foglesong1992 May 28OHC100
Jim Foglesong1992 April 27OHC98
Jim Foglesong1992 May 20OHC99
Jim Foglesong1992 June 05OHC101
Jim Foglesong1992 June 17OHC102
Jim Foglesong1992 June 18OHC103
Jim Foglesong1992 June 29OHC104
Cotton Foley1985 December 05OHC24
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